Confirmed Virtual Satellite Symposia

There are a number of virtual satellite symposia events taking place during the ATC.

These are open to all attendees registered for the ATC 2020 Virtual Congress and there is no separate registration fee to attend.

Although not directly affiliated with the ATC, we urge you to attend and support these additional educational opportunities.

Saturday, May 30, 2020
12:25 pm - 1:25 pm ET

CareDx: Innovations in a Changing Climate 
Supported by CareDx
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CMV Detection and Treatment: At the Crossroads of Immunity and Pathogen
Supported by an independent educational grant from Takeda
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Advances on The Horizon to Improve Post-Liver Transplant Outcomes by Improving HRS Management
Supported by an independent educational grant from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
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Sunday, May 31, 2020
1:10 pm - 2:10 pm ET

The Path Beyond COVID-19: Management of Kidney Transplant Patients Using TruGraf for Surveillance
Supported by Transplant Genomics
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Transforming Transplantation: Paradigm-shift from short- to long-term outcomes in renal transplantation: Are we progressing?
Supported by Novartis
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This content is provided by Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland, and is intended for Health Care Professionals only. 


Monday, June  1, 2020
12:25 pm - 1:25 pm ET

Natera: Expanding our Expertise: Progress & Promise of cfDNA to refine transplant rejection risk
Supported by Natera
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Innovative Diagnostics for Improved Transplant Outcomes
Supported by Viracor Eurofins
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