Young Investigator Travel Award

Congratulations to All the ATC 2020 Young Investigator Travel Award Winners! 


Hillary Kuzaro

Analysis Of Rejection, Rejection Therapy And Renal Function In The BEST Trial (#4647)


Anna Morris

Memory T Cell-mediated Rejection Is Regulated By FcγRIIB Expression On CD8<sup>+</sup> T Cells (#4540)


Syed Quadri

Additive Effect Of Obesity To Hypertension In Living Donors And Their Impact On Glomerular Filtration Rate Compensation With 5 Year Follow-up<b></b> (#4828)


Khodor Abou Daya

Tissue Resident Memory T Cells In Mouse Renal Transplantation (#4053)


Issac Schwantes

Improving DRG Based Reimbursement to Reflect Complexity of Kidney Transplant (#4715)


Jasper Callemeyn

Missing Self Increases The Incidence Of Microvascular Inflammation After Kidney Transplantation<b></b> (#4851)


Rashikh Choudhury

Offspring To Parent Living Donor Liver Transplantation: An Analysis Of The A2ALL Database (#5296)


Kevin Chung

The Impact of the New Heart Allocation Policy on the Treatment of United States Adult Heart Transplant Candidates (#2941)


Elizabeth E. Waffarn

Allograft Repopulating Recipient B Cells After Human Intestinal Transplantation And Their Association With Donor Specific Antibody Secretion And Rejection (#2945)


Jennifer Danielle Motter

Outcomes after Declining Offers from Older Donor Kidneys for Kidney Transplant Candidates (#4225)


Jing L. Han

Textbook Outcome As A Composite Quality Metric In Kidney Transplantation (#5071)


Marlene Cano

Accelerated Bronchiolitis Obliterans After Lung Transplant Promoted By The Atg16l1 Rs2241880 Mutation Is Coupled To Mitochondrial Damage And Metabolic Alterations In Monocyte-derived Alveolar Macrophages<b></b> (#3873)


Brendan Lovasik

Transient Cd4+ T Cell And Cd20+ B Cell Depletion Leads To Prolonged Pig-to-primate Kidney Xenograft Survival (#5130)


Joshua Y. Yang

The Urine Qisant Score: Non-invasive, Accurate, Diagnosis And Prediction Of Kidney Transplant Rejection (#5207)


Wenmin Zhang

Ranking Eplet Mismatches As Predictors Of Graft Failure (#5630)


Siawosh K Eskandari

Regulatory T Cells Engineered With TCR-Signaling-Responsive Il-2 Nanogels Suppress Alloimmunity In Sites Of Antigen Encounter (#5852)


Arnaud L'Huillier

Use Of Subunit Herpes Zoster Vaccine In VZV-seronegative Transplant Recipients To Prevent Primary Varicella (#3003)


Carolyn Sidoti

A Pilot Study Of Mkidney: A Novel Mobile Health Platform To Support OPTN Living Donor Follow-up Data Collection (#3671)


Lalit Batra

Immune Checkpoint PD-L1 Pathway as an Effective Platform for Localized Immunomodulation to Attain Indefinite Allogeneic Islet Graft Survival (#4538)


James D. Fisher

Recruitment Of Regulatory T Cells Promotes Donor-specific Tolerance In Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (#5860)

Tatsuaki Watanabe

Divergent Molecular Pathways Underlie the Evolution of Allograft Fibrosis in Two Mouse Models of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction (#2765)  


Yixi Zhang

Gingival Mesenchymal Stem Cells (GMSCs) Mitigate Liver Ischemia-reperfusion Injury By Regulating Macrophage Polarization Through Mir-199a-3p (#3697)


Kelsey Klein

Effects Of Donor Specific Antibodies In Intestinal/Multivisceral Transplant Recipients (#2818)


Abraham Matar

Notch Signaling Inhibition Via Blockade Of Delta-like Ligand 4 Prevents Co-stimulation Blockade Resistant Allograft Rejection<b></b> (#3688)


Katherine Ross

Using Trajectory Analysis To Characterize Trends In OPO Performance With Population-based Metrics (#4451)


Matthew D'Costa

Lost To Follow-up In Kidney Transplant Recipients - A QI Project (#4858)


Harmeet Dhani

Role Of B-cell Subsets In Allograft Rejection In Intestinal Transplantation (#5197)


Tengfang Li

IL-33 Is A Potent Injury Signal That Programs Graft Macrophage Metabolism Toward That Required For Reparative And Regulatory Functions<b></b><br /><b></b> (#4926)


Kazuki Sasaki

Early Post-transplant Infusion Of Ex Vivo-expanded Autologous Polyclonal Regulatory T Cells (Treg) Prolongs Kidney Allograft Survival In Non-lymphodepleted, CTLA4Ig-treated Rhesus Monkeys (#5446)